Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Missing him

Well corrie went on a mission a day or so ago. And man i miss him. Its been a while since hes been out cause of everything. I dont know what to think. I just heard they let the iraqies take over so makes me worry more. Cause i mean the whole thing could be falling apart. Kaylie is having a really hard time to. She cryed all day yesterday cause she didnt get to talk to her daddy. I hate when shes sad. It makes me so sad. So many things are happening in the world. And it makes me thank god everyday for what i have. I may not have everything i want or corrie wants but i mean we have each other and thats all we need really. I mean all u need is happiness and love nothing else really matters at all. Im so thankful to have all my friends and family.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 25

Well today has been some day. Two great legends have died today. Farrah fawcet and Micheal Jackson. Im totally shocked. Today was a good day for me. I got alot of the house done. Finally got Kaylies TV stand done and in her room. It looks good. I took a nap and it was good. Woke up to kaylie playing with my hair and rubbing my face. My sweet girl. She loves her mama. Talked to mama a few mins ago and she was kinda missing us and wanting to come down here with us. Think thing are getting over whelming for her. Not sure what else still kinda tired. SO alot going thru my head.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 24.

Well this morning i went to the dr. I had a spot i wanted looked at they looked me over and said everything was fine so glad. Today is another busy day as a mom and wife. I have so much i need to do. But not sure if i can do it. Im feeling really bummed today. Found out im not going to get a vacation and really sad about that. Wanted to go home so bad. Corrie got on today for a min and we havent talked so that makes me kinda sad to. The house is horrible the kids got into the fridge again. 3 Cartens of eggs all over the floor. Tring to calm down before i clean it up. Put them both to bed. God im wish so bad that i would have some good luck and some good things. Cause this shit is for the birds. Its so hard being a single mom and doing everything. I mean sometimes i wish they were in day care cause then they wouldnt be at home as much to destroy it. Seems like i always have more and more to clean. Guess thats the joys of motherhood. HEHE not for me. Hate it. I clean and take care of the house and stuff all the time. Wish i had something else to do. Some fun and exciting. OK so im really bummed today. Can u tell. Cause me writting thing kinda getting chocked up. Just so much stuff is happening and im tring to keep it all together. Wishing so bad that this would all stop. Just one more month. And hopefully a new beginning. A new chapter to my life. Its going to be different. Im going to love to be able to get away for a min with out the kids for once. Have no idea what it feels like. Not sure if i should leave them with corrie or not. He hasnt been a daddy in over a year. Not sure if he can do it or handle it. I might be under estimating him. Well maybe tom i can write about something happy and exciting. Maybe so.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My first blog

Wow well its Tuesday and i have one month and about a week and 3 days til corrie comes home and im so excited. We have had our hard times like any other but i just know when he gets home good things are upon us. Kaylie and Bradley are watching camp rock. And im cleaning and tring to do some things around the house. So far love this steamer. Ive got so much stuff done. with it. The couch. I found some things i want to get for the house to make it a little more homey before corrie gets here. I really cant wait. So soon but so far it seems. I want everything to be perfect. Last night i did something very big and brave. I talked to my neighbor after everything that has happen i talked to her. And it was so hard cause i dont know what to think . I mean i dont think i can trust her as far as i can throw her but i mean i cant have this bad vibe between my next door neighbor. But im proud cause i did it. I really want to be a good person and be the bigger person. Well ive got to get some cleaning done so til tom. Have fun and have a great week.