Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Well i was remind of my blog recently and decided to update a little. Well since i last blogged alot has happened. Corrie deployed to Afghan. They finally figured out Sydney doesn't have a mass and may possible have tracemelcia. For the first two months of corries deployment we spent mostly in the hospital being sedated for those test. But so thankful no cancer. Addison had her normal ecko where we found some elevated pressures. They put us in the hospital where they did a sedated ecko and the pressures were really elevated so they flew us to Houston. It was kinda cool we got to ride in our own personal jet which was awesome. Our first jet plane ride. But coming down here wasn't to fun for the reason. Was really hard coming back to TCH. The last time we were here we lost Hope. We miss hope so much but i know we are in the best of hands and Hope is here watching over Addison. We found out Addison has a very rare form of Pulmonary Hypertension. There isn't much they can do. They have told us they can try doing a catherization and hopefully open some of those areas that's causing so much pressure. But not sure if it will work. They haven't gave us much hope for anything else. They did tell us they could do a lung transplant but of course she would have to get much worse for that to happen and it would come at a risk of also damaging her heart and possibility of her going into heart failure. So basically this all comes at a very high risk. We have been told she may not make it through any of this. We don't like to think that way we think shes going to make it no matter what. Shes such a beautiful strong little girl. We love her so much. Corrie was able to join us. Thankfully not sure if i could do it all alone. We have been so blessed since we have been in Houston. So many people have come together to pray for us and to be here to support us. We are so very thankful and so touched from all of this. We do know that either way this is going to be a long hurdle we have to get through but we know with all the support and love and prayers. We can make through anything when we put it all in gods hands. Hes amazing and i know hes watching over us all.

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