Wednesday, January 19, 2011

5 years old.

My baby girl is going to be 5 tom. I cant believe it. 5 years old already. She is so excited to be 5. Shes like mommy im going to be 5 like all my friends. Im a big girl now. Shes thinks now i should let her wear make up cause shes 5. i dont think so maybe in a couple more years. She is having a big party at chucky cheese. Shes so excited she invited all her class and some of her little friends from here in texas. Looking back on her life. She has learns so many new things each year. Right now she can count in spanish. She can count to 100 and she knows all her shapes and colors. She knows all her abcs and knows so many things that start with each letter. She can read some and can add and subtract small numbers. Shes so smart. Im so blessed to have her in my life. She has changed my life and saved me from all the foolish stuff i use to do, I love u Kaylie and mommy is so proud of u.

Finally some good new.

Well this last couple months have been exhausting. I have been having alot of pain ever since the c section. Finally got a diagnosis. Endometriosis.
We also got some good news about sydneys head. They dont think its anything serious they just think her head is growing really fast and that her daddy has a big head. LOL. So she goes back in 3 months to have it check out again. The day before we went to the cardiologist and sydneys heart is sounding much better. We go back in july and have another echo to make its growing with her and getting better. Finally some good news. We are so glad we are finally getting some where. Its been a long road and im sure theres much more trials we will be put threw but i know we can handle it all. We are getting ready for corrie to leave again. He will be going to Jrtc on the 3rd and then when he gets back from that in march he will be getting ready to deploy again. This deployment is a little different. Hes going to Afghanistan which makes me every nervous and scared. Its seems like our lives never slow down. Its always something going on and something im worried about. I cant wait til we are older and we can just relax and not worry so much.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Finally a new post

Wow there has been so much going on since my last post. Since my last post. We lost our beautiful angel Hope. We had Addison and Sydney. They stayed in Nicu for 5 weeks. We have had several hospital visits since then. But we are doing much better. We go to the dr at least 3 times a week to another dr. To say the least im a little tired of drs. We have finally made lots of friends. Kaylie started Pre K and has been having a blast. Shes so smart. She surprises me every day with all the thing she learns and tells me. Kaylies 5th birthday is coming up. We decided to have her party at Chucky cheese. Shes so excited. She wakes up every morning and asks me if its her party today. She already told me she wants to wear her princess dress. Right now trying to get all the invites handed out. So many things going on right now. Getting ready for corrie to leave for Jrtc. Soon after that he will be leaving for Afghanistan. Really dont want him to go but i know i cant change that. Its what he loves and i have to handle it all by myself. Im a army wife thats my job.