Saturday, March 13, 2010

20 weeks

This me pregnant 20 weeks with the triplets.
So Far we are all doing good. We have gained 14lbs. I am trying to only gain 25lbs this pregnancy that is what the Dr recommended with me being a little over weight already. We are getting ready for the baby shower. Im not going to be able to go but mama is going to take care of it all. Then mama is coming to stay with me for a bit. I cant wait i have missed the family alot. And im starting to need more help. Its been really hard getting bigger and bigger to move around. Alot of my body hurts cause its alot of pressure and weight on alot of different places. Right now im feeling the babies move alot more. They are getting much bigger and feel them alot. They are fighting alot for room and starting to stretch out. Been feeling pretty good with my sugar its been doing great. I have my days of course some days its lower and some days its just right.But as long as its good im happy. I have been getting the babies room ready. We got some shelves painted. My best friend Lana gave me a great idea. About kinda monogram of the girls name in the middle of the wall above the crib. I figured get some big cut out paint them and put it right above there bed. I love decorating stuff. I really enjoy painting stuff, always have. Im so excited for the girls to get here. Im anxious but i want them to stay in there til at least 33 weeks.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Last ultrasound and update.

Well we got good news on the ultrasound this last Wednesday. So far our small baby girl is hanging in there. We think she may possible have more fluid. Which is great news. And so far the other girls fluid is still looking great. Perfect amount no more no less. Which is a good sign. You can see all there bladders which is GREAT. So we don't have another ultrasound for a couple weeks. I am almost to 20 weeks. And it seems each day i feel bigger and bigger. That's OK though. Me and corrie have set up our budget for the next few months. We decided to save for the car instead of getting a loan for one. We are hoping to purchase a new car in June or July. We think this is really going to be the only way we can get a new car cause of our past credit history. We just haven't had any luck getting a loan in the past and don't want to make things worse by trying over and over again. We are also planning to get a new dryer. Our dryer has been on the outs for a few months and we have been worried it will break and we will be in so much trouble. Most of what we do is laundry. And i know when the triplets get here we will have tons of laundry. So a dryer will be very much needed. My parents are coming down in a few weeks. We are so excited. Finally we both get a small break. Kaylie and Bradley have been acting out a bit. I know they feel the stress we have been very stressed and worried about everything. I mean its alot to handle especially when they tell u something maybe wrong with your babies. It worries u alot. Plus the fact that i cant help makes me so upset cause i have been the one doing it all for a long time now and now having to have and ask for help is hard for me. I mean i have some way made it all this time and now asking for help takes a bit of my pride away. But its all ok. Im going to need help with triplets. Its alot of babies, diapers, clothes,wipes, its alot of everything. Was watching about quads and they were using 32 diapers a day so maybe 6 less so we will be using basically a pack of diapers a day. Thats alot of diapers. But excited to get all this stuff set up and planned. So we will be prepared for anything.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yesterdays Ultrasound

Well yesterday was a hard day for the Heffner crew. We had out ultrasound and all three babies are doing good for the most part. They were worried about a few things. One thing they were worried about is Here's the link it gave us alot more information. And the other thing they were worried about is Both the links gave us hope that its will go away in the next ultrasound. The Dr did say that he has seen it and then it would go away by the next time. So im just think its just a error right now. But whatever happens im not worried. They are my children and i will love them no matter what. They other thing they are most worried about is one of the babies is about 2 ounces smaller and has less amniotic fluid then the other two. In the last ultrasound she was smaller as well. So they want to keep a very close eye on her to make sure she keeps up and has some fluid in there. If not then the baby could not make it. And if one doesn't make it then it puts them all at risk since they are all connected. So i will have another ultrasound in 3 weeks. And we are hoping and praying for the best. I mean he said he just want to alert me of what is going on. He still had some hope but he was worried about it. So we have to wait and see. He told me there was nothing i could do. That i have to take care of myself and the babies and hope and pray for the best.

After everything happen of course i was very upset. But Thanks to my wonderful friends and family i have found my faith and am going to do whatever i can do to keep my babies safe. I have so much faith. God gave me these precious girls by miracle. I think hes just making sure he did the right thing. I have full faith god is with me and the babies and i have nothing to worry about. I just need to focus on having a healthy normal as possible pregnancy and just hope for the best.

Please everyone please just pray for these precious babies to make it threw whatever they have to face.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow day in texas 2010

Well today was awesome woke up to all this snow this morning.
It was so awesome so exciting. First time we have seen snow in a long time been about 4 years since we have seen snow.

So tom is the big day. We find out the sex of the triplets im so excited. Im guessing either all girls or either two girls and one boy. Corries family is saying all boys or two boys and a girl.
and corrie thinks girls but not sure. To many babies to decide on.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Exciting week

Well this week is very exciting. I go for my regular appointment on monday. I get to see how the babies and mommy is doing then. Then wed afternoon we go for a major ultrasound with a specialist to make sure all the babies are ok and to possible see the sex of the babies. I know the babies are growing i can feel them moving. We heard all three babies heartbeats last night on the Doppler. Kaylie was telling us shhh the babies are sleeping. I think shes excited about the babies. Shes finally understanding theirs 3 babies in there. Im so very excited this week. Feb is going to be over with and march starting one step closer to holding all my beautiful babies. My mom is coming down the end of march my baby shower is also at the end of march. We had to change it cause corrie has alot of things coming up and i cant be alone at that point. Im excited for him but i also hope he can make it home in time for everything that may be going on. Im not going to worry about it cause either way corrie may not get to be there. I mean i know they have told me there will be about 30 people in the operating room with me when i have the babies. So i know its so serious dont know who will get to be there but either way i just praying its all goes so great. Im also very excited cause we are going to work on the babies room again today. Right now its kinda full of clothes and full crap so ready for it to be all cleaned and ready to start putting all the baby stuff up and together. Really the babies have helped me so much cause for so long been wanting to organize and get everything put in its own place. Ready for this week to get started.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Long Week

Well this week hasn't really went as planned. I just haven't been feeling right. Some days i get a energy burst in the morning which is good i could be doing some stuff but instead i have to run after the kids and there mess they make. They have been pretty bad this week. I mean usually they are really good. They eat breakfast go to there rooms watch some TV play and color some. And are great til corrie gets home for lunch. Then we have nap time after lunch and they sleep til a hour before corrie gets home and they watch some TV while i start dinner. Or they just come and get up in the bed with me and play some. This week its been running outside in the diaper ever few mins for Bradley. Kaylie make a mess thinking shes a big girl and do it all. I mean im so glad she thinks shes a big girl but getting herself chocolate milk isnt good when its all over the kitchen and living room. Then theirs me i haven't been feeling right. Feel a little off. Have days were im so tired i cant even make sense. I have days where my tummy feels weird and i don't move from the bed. And then i have just worry days that i worry that im doing something wrong . I mean i have decided not to watch any more shows or look up any more information cause it just has me worried more and more. I mean Its so hard to know what to do, if im doing everything right, what to expect in the next few months, and what to expect when they get here. I mean its all so scarey and reading the stuff and watching the baby shows i get even more scared. Right now im tring to plan the baby shower and help mama as much as i can since i cant be there. I want to go so bad. Its killing me. Wish i could just fly everyone to me but i cant. Im super excited about how much my family and friends seem to be pulling together to help me. I miss them all so much and wish they were here. Ive started to look into getting some free things. I seen that some places try to help u out and well with triplets i will need all the help i can get. Hoping maybe there can be a few more places cause most of the places have stopped doing it. Which not sure why, i mean theirs so many places out there and triplets takes alot of stuff why wouldn't they want to get someone with some free stuff to make them come there way to give them more business.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well went to my second Dr appointment and everything went good. The triplets are doing so great. Moving around like crazy. They said they are doing so good. They told me to get ready for all thing pregnancy to get 3 times as worse as a regular pregnancy. But im ok with that. Im really excited about it all. Tring to get everything kinda set up. 14 weeks til the babies will be here.

15 weeks pregnant.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First dr appointment at Temple.

My first appointment went pretty good. The only compliant i had was we had to wait a hour for my appointment. Then they talked to me about some stuff. They answered all my questions. They did a Doppler and got two heart beats there for baby c was running so they couldn't catch it so they brought out the ultrasound and got all 3 heart beats on it. They said they all look good. So far baby a is 7.5oz and baby b is 7.5oz and then baby c is 8.5oz. Which is really good. They still haven't picked a the day yet. They keep telling me im 15 then 14 weeks. So i guess they think im between 14 to 15 weeks. So i have to get my records. They scheduled me for my ultrasound for 4 weeks. So we find out the sex in 4 weeks i cant wait. They also told me that they dont think i will ever make it to 32 weeks they think i will deliver at 30 weeks. It really scared me cause the earlier i deliver the longer the babies will have to stay in the hospital. And the more possibility for complications. It was very overwhelming. Today they have me doing a 24 hour urine culture. Then wed i turn that in and have a EKG. Very nervous about that. Haven't ever had one before. Im sure everything is fine there but its still kinda scary. So much stuff is going threw my head today. About the babies the things we need to do this week. Everything coming up and im starting to feel a little stressed. I just have to find the faith to get me threw this next few months.

Friday, February 5, 2010

7 years to soon.

Is a sad day today. Today is the 7 year anniversary of our friends Kimmy Bush, Brittany Tomb, and Bionca Tombs. Even after 7 years it still gets to me. Looking at facebook this morning was so hard. I miss them so much. I will never forget them. I know they are looking down on us and smiling bright at all that we are now. We have all changed so much. I like to think that each of us take a special piece of them with us every day.

Well today im very excited about my appointment on Monday. Today im relax i finally got threw with all that papers and stuff in that closet. I had like 8 boxs over full with stuff and now we have 3 boxes. And now i have sorted threw everything. So this weekend we are finally going get the room completely done for the babies. And then we can focus on the rest of the house. Finally get everything put in storage and get ready for all the wonderful people coming. I cant wait for people to come. I really need some help. I know this sounds so horrible but its getting so hard for me to move and do things. So soon im going to need more help. Im going to post some pics next week i think Ill be 15 weeks pregnant Next Thursday. Im getting so excited. I have done way more than i thought i could have accomplished this month. Im bad cause i want everything to be perfect and my house to look nice inside and outside so i have been kinda working pretty hard to get it that way before company comes. But once all this is all done im resting and taking it easy for the next 4 months. Maybe then i can keep these babies in here til 34 weeks or longer.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Registry at the new hospital in temple

Well the registry at the hospital went so great i thought it would be a big pain in the butt. They have made it very easy and so comfortable. I Have my first appointment with the dr on monday. Im so excited. I just actually watched triplets be born on on discovery health and man it got me so teary eyed. I just cant wait for that wonderful day. It all had made me so thankful and happy. I have been kinda being bad been tring to help corrie some. Hes been so stressed out. We have almost knocked out one room but still got a little bit to go. I cant wait til the family gets here to help some. I cant do to much yesterday walking up to the clinic i felt it that night. My body i spreading so fast to make room. Last night i didnt sleep to great. They were awake all night it seemed. Moving around like crazy. Im so glad though cause i didnt feel them to much for a few days. I mean i felt little things but not all of them. Last night and today feeling all of them.

So today im going to try and get the rest of the stuff gone threw in the babies room. And maybe do some laundry today. Im hoping maybe we can do our taxes soon maybe today. Im hoping to talk my parent into coming down soon. Im starting to need the help more and more. I wish i didnt its so hard for me cause i hate having to depend on people. I know i can depend on my parents and family but they all have so much going on themselves i hate to mess with all that.
Well anyway going to relax as much as i can today and see if i can help corrie today

Monday, February 1, 2010


Well i have been on bedrest now for about three weeks. I have

Planned the baby shower
picked out names
started the registry
Made invite list
started a blanket
started the blog

Whew have done serval things. I went out this weekend and got a few things taking care of. We started cleaning out the closets and getting rid of things we cant use. Thinking about having a yard sale. I Have so many things and im sure a lot of people could still use. And whatever we dont sale i want to give to goodwill or charity. I have been kinda frustrated lately. I think being inside and not being able to do things by myself is just getting to me. I'm use to doing it all and now not being able to do anything is a little bit of a bummer. I'm tring to just relax but its hard with everything worries and all that. I don't want to put the babies in any danger and i know if my blood pressure goes up it could be bad fast. I watched the duggar baby 19 and it made me so scared. There baby was about 7 weeks earlier than my babies will be and it weigh 1lbs and 6 oz. Seeing it there so small. It broke my heart she didn't get to see her before they took her away. Its going to break my heart. I cried a lot last night. Hormones! I was also missing my grandma so much. I know shes with us but some days its hard. Also today is the anniversary of our friends getting killed in Iraq. Corries been having nightmares about it for a couple weeks now. I knew it was coming up fast but there isn't a day that goes by i don't think about them and how much i miss all of them. Its been 4 years since that horrible day. Well going to relax today and get my new diaper bag later today. Excited about that. Getting my hair cut tom. Excited about that. Going to give my hair to locks of love. Been wanting to for a long time now it should be more than long enough. well everyone have a good day will post pics tom

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Names For the triplets

Well yesterday was a eventful day. I picked out names. For the boys Logan Gage, Trevor Owens, Jake Bentley and for the girls Addison Claire, Sydney Lorelei, and Gabriella Faith. I also started two registry one at walmart and the other at target. I decided not to put certain boy and girls thing in it yet im going to wait til we know for sure what we are having if we even find out. We should we are suppose to have a lot of ultrasounds. To tell the truth i cant wait for them either i loved seeing all the babies moving and knowing they are all really healthy and OK. I mean its one thing to be pregnant with one baby u worry about that one baby and making sure u do everything just right but 3 babies i worry about all. I'm sticking to everything pretty strict. I worry a lot i mean i know i can do it and i know that all the babies will be fine but i mean the finical and physical part of it is going to be a whole lot. But just like for kaylie and bradley i will do whatever it takes to make sure they are all taken care of to the fullest. My kids mean so much to me they make me want to be a better person to do wonderful thing. They inspire me for life. I love them all so much.

Today im feeling pretty good. I have a lot of gas which is cause some cramping. Also some constipation which is very normal for triplets. The babies have been moving alot more since the ultrasound on Thursday. I think it awakened them. There like theres people out there poking us. LOL Im so excited for them to set up my next appointment to see if i have gained any weight. I finally got my appetite back. The nausea i think has gone away for the most part which im very happy about. At least i know all that puking was for something so wonderful i would do it again in a heartbeat. Monday i have decided im actually going out a bit to get a few things. Getting a new diaper bag that super big and acu colored which is awesome. Acu is the uniform my husband wears by the way for u guys who dont know. Its the army uniform. Some of the ladys take old acu and turn them into these beautiful purses. Im getting a pregnancy pillow to hopefully help me sleep.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ultrasound week 12

All three babies looked good. They have already ruled out some of the possible birth defects so thats great. There hearts and everything look really good. I had a very promising ultrasound. I dont think i can express the amazing blessing i felt yesterday looking at all three of these babies moving around inside of me. Its a gift from god.

On another note I found out my daddy is coming down to stay with me for a while in feb or march. Corrie is very excited he cant wait for some help. My daddy and me use to not get along to much when i was young. But hes been so great lately. Hes making the babys dresser and cribs. Hes a amazing wood worker. I alway thought he should start a business of that. But it will be so great to see family and have someone to help us. My mom and auntie joann is coming to which i cant wait to see them either. Mama will be going back to take care of things my daddy will be going back in may and then coming back down with mama when she comes. MY baby brother justin will be graudating from high school. This has been really hard since he had certain mental problems. He has been home schooled for some time now. Its kinda funny to think that i only have one sibling left to graudate. Jodie will graduate in 2012. Then everyone will be out of high school. Im so excited for this next year. I mean so many exciting things.

12 weeks as of my appointment yesterday. They have 3 different due dates cause all three babies are measuring a little different.
Aug 4 for baby b its the porker of the bunch. Aug 6 baby c its the next biggest. Then Aug 12 for baby a its the little one. But of course i will never make it to aug maybe late June which would be amazing. So next appointment wont be for a week or two. Cause im being transferred to Scott and white in temple. I will have another ultrasound between 17 to 20 weeks. But im kinda glad they send me to another hospital cause i havent heard the best about the military one. And cause i want to make sure they can handle all the babies cause once they are born they will be so small and need alot of attention and care for about a month. So everything seems to be going good. Kinda been having some trouble sleeping. And my baby is giving me some pain but its all pretty normal. We just have to wait til the next appointment and then we can see whats going on, I want to thank u all for thinking of me. Will post more pics next week.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I know its been a while since i have been on. I havent gotten into the blogging to much yet but im going to have alot of time on my hands til june so i figured i would start up again. Well last Thursday we found we are having triplets. We are so excited. I was on the paraguard and i got pregnant with triplets so i think its a blessing and its all in god hands. Hes got big plans for us. Corrie has been so great hes helped me so much. I feel so bad for him cause hes always so exhausted. Hes hasn't been sleeping good. I'm praying i can do something to take some of the strain off him. I am on bed rest til the end of my pregnancy. My due date is July 28 2010 but since there's 3 babies i will probably have them early June. Hoping i can hold them in for a long time. I mean with both my other kids i had to be induced and then it took serival hours before i even had them. With kaylie i was in labor from 6 that morning and had her at 134 that next morning. With bradley i was in labor from 5am til 4 that afternoon his was quicker and easier. So im hoping maybe my body is just stubborn and i can hold them in longer. But every pregnancy is different. I am already having a few problems. My sugar has been a little high i am now on a sugar pill and it has helped me so much. I have been having some trouble sleeping its off and on with each day that comes. Of course my body is super exhausted having all these babies so im tired alot. Its a new adventure. Since all this has happen i have been kinda worried cause we have to get a new car that fits 8. If we will be able to handle all the bills. And if we can afford everything we will need. I know we can do it but of course its going to take some time and some work. I have planned a baby shower my mom is throwing for me. Im helping of course i have nothing better to do. I wont be able to come to it which makes me very sad. I would love nothing more than to see all my family and friends. But there's no way i can travel that far with triplets. I have also picked out most of the baby stuff going for neutral colors. This next week we are getting a glider rocker, new desk thats smaller and some small things for the baby. We are going to try to start buying diapers now and hope we will have enough. No matter what i want it to work I feel like god has given us this wonderful gift and we have to find a way to do it. Not everyone can have children and im so blessed that i can. Its something i have always wanted. I love my kids so much and just want to give them the best and teach them the best to honor and believe. Im praying i can teach my kids life long lessons that help them throw life. Well ive got to go get ready we have a ultrasound today will be posting pics soon.