Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Well christmas is about a week away. Sad to say its just going to be our little family this year. Missing all my family and friends back home alot. Been a year since i seen everyone. Im very excited about this christmas. We have got the kids so many wonderful things. Kaylie got all her favorite toys. Bradley got a couple big things this year. Hoping to fill his room up. His room is a little bare. Kaylies is over filled. I think i finally figured out what to get corrie. Thinking a blue ray player or either a recliner. Im way to excited to see there faces when they open all there presents. So far got our bathroom completely full of presents. I think thats enough. Hopefully going to find a nice wreath for my door today. Cause i just took the thanksgiving one down. I know im so bad. I havent had much time or money. Spending every penny we have on toys for the kids. I just want them to have some joy. They have been having a hard time they are so afraid there daddy is going to leave again. Hes been gone for so long. They just never want him to leave. Everyday now i have to get them before he goes out the door cause they try to go with him. They hate when he leaves and cry adn kick and scream tring to go with daddy. I hate seeing them like this it breaks my heart. Well its been a while since i wrote a blog guess i should tell ya whats been going on. Well in oct i had a miscarriage was really hard. Then in nov the fort hood shooting happen and with my luck of course i was there. Seen all those people come in the ER. It was really hard to get past that one. Took me a few weeks to get out of the house again. Still praying for those familys. No one should have to go through that. It seriously broke my heart. That could have been my husband he was just there two months earlier. Some of our friends were suppose to go the next couple days. But the good thing is they got him and he will get what he deserves if not here but in the after life. But finally some good. But the ones lost will never be forgotten. Also my brother in law left for Iraq. Praying for his safe return. But that's pretty much it i think . I hope everyone has a wonderful hoilday Merry christmas and happy new year

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