Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Missing him

Well corrie went on a mission a day or so ago. And man i miss him. Its been a while since hes been out cause of everything. I dont know what to think. I just heard they let the iraqies take over so makes me worry more. Cause i mean the whole thing could be falling apart. Kaylie is having a really hard time to. She cryed all day yesterday cause she didnt get to talk to her daddy. I hate when shes sad. It makes me so sad. So many things are happening in the world. And it makes me thank god everyday for what i have. I may not have everything i want or corrie wants but i mean we have each other and thats all we need really. I mean all u need is happiness and love nothing else really matters at all. Im so thankful to have all my friends and family.

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  1. hey jessica i started reading your blog and I just wanted to say that i think you seem like such a good mama and wife... I dont know how you do it i could never be away from Caleb like that! not only do we owe your husband for fighting for our freedom but also we owe you and your kids for being able to stay so strong for him while he is away. Thank you for being someone that any wife could look up to, because there are army wives that miss there husbands terribly everyday! after reading your blogs it makes me never want to take my time with Caleb for granted ever again.