Friday, January 29, 2010

Ultrasound week 12

All three babies looked good. They have already ruled out some of the possible birth defects so thats great. There hearts and everything look really good. I had a very promising ultrasound. I dont think i can express the amazing blessing i felt yesterday looking at all three of these babies moving around inside of me. Its a gift from god.

On another note I found out my daddy is coming down to stay with me for a while in feb or march. Corrie is very excited he cant wait for some help. My daddy and me use to not get along to much when i was young. But hes been so great lately. Hes making the babys dresser and cribs. Hes a amazing wood worker. I alway thought he should start a business of that. But it will be so great to see family and have someone to help us. My mom and auntie joann is coming to which i cant wait to see them either. Mama will be going back to take care of things my daddy will be going back in may and then coming back down with mama when she comes. MY baby brother justin will be graudating from high school. This has been really hard since he had certain mental problems. He has been home schooled for some time now. Its kinda funny to think that i only have one sibling left to graudate. Jodie will graduate in 2012. Then everyone will be out of high school. Im so excited for this next year. I mean so many exciting things.

12 weeks as of my appointment yesterday. They have 3 different due dates cause all three babies are measuring a little different.
Aug 4 for baby b its the porker of the bunch. Aug 6 baby c its the next biggest. Then Aug 12 for baby a its the little one. But of course i will never make it to aug maybe late June which would be amazing. So next appointment wont be for a week or two. Cause im being transferred to Scott and white in temple. I will have another ultrasound between 17 to 20 weeks. But im kinda glad they send me to another hospital cause i havent heard the best about the military one. And cause i want to make sure they can handle all the babies cause once they are born they will be so small and need alot of attention and care for about a month. So everything seems to be going good. Kinda been having some trouble sleeping. And my baby is giving me some pain but its all pretty normal. We just have to wait til the next appointment and then we can see whats going on, I want to thank u all for thinking of me. Will post more pics next week.

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