Saturday, January 30, 2010

Names For the triplets

Well yesterday was a eventful day. I picked out names. For the boys Logan Gage, Trevor Owens, Jake Bentley and for the girls Addison Claire, Sydney Lorelei, and Gabriella Faith. I also started two registry one at walmart and the other at target. I decided not to put certain boy and girls thing in it yet im going to wait til we know for sure what we are having if we even find out. We should we are suppose to have a lot of ultrasounds. To tell the truth i cant wait for them either i loved seeing all the babies moving and knowing they are all really healthy and OK. I mean its one thing to be pregnant with one baby u worry about that one baby and making sure u do everything just right but 3 babies i worry about all. I'm sticking to everything pretty strict. I worry a lot i mean i know i can do it and i know that all the babies will be fine but i mean the finical and physical part of it is going to be a whole lot. But just like for kaylie and bradley i will do whatever it takes to make sure they are all taken care of to the fullest. My kids mean so much to me they make me want to be a better person to do wonderful thing. They inspire me for life. I love them all so much.

Today im feeling pretty good. I have a lot of gas which is cause some cramping. Also some constipation which is very normal for triplets. The babies have been moving alot more since the ultrasound on Thursday. I think it awakened them. There like theres people out there poking us. LOL Im so excited for them to set up my next appointment to see if i have gained any weight. I finally got my appetite back. The nausea i think has gone away for the most part which im very happy about. At least i know all that puking was for something so wonderful i would do it again in a heartbeat. Monday i have decided im actually going out a bit to get a few things. Getting a new diaper bag that super big and acu colored which is awesome. Acu is the uniform my husband wears by the way for u guys who dont know. Its the army uniform. Some of the ladys take old acu and turn them into these beautiful purses. Im getting a pregnancy pillow to hopefully help me sleep.

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