Saturday, March 13, 2010

20 weeks

This me pregnant 20 weeks with the triplets.
So Far we are all doing good. We have gained 14lbs. I am trying to only gain 25lbs this pregnancy that is what the Dr recommended with me being a little over weight already. We are getting ready for the baby shower. Im not going to be able to go but mama is going to take care of it all. Then mama is coming to stay with me for a bit. I cant wait i have missed the family alot. And im starting to need more help. Its been really hard getting bigger and bigger to move around. Alot of my body hurts cause its alot of pressure and weight on alot of different places. Right now im feeling the babies move alot more. They are getting much bigger and feel them alot. They are fighting alot for room and starting to stretch out. Been feeling pretty good with my sugar its been doing great. I have my days of course some days its lower and some days its just right.But as long as its good im happy. I have been getting the babies room ready. We got some shelves painted. My best friend Lana gave me a great idea. About kinda monogram of the girls name in the middle of the wall above the crib. I figured get some big cut out paint them and put it right above there bed. I love decorating stuff. I really enjoy painting stuff, always have. Im so excited for the girls to get here. Im anxious but i want them to stay in there til at least 33 weeks.

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