Sunday, January 9, 2011

Finally a new post

Wow there has been so much going on since my last post. Since my last post. We lost our beautiful angel Hope. We had Addison and Sydney. They stayed in Nicu for 5 weeks. We have had several hospital visits since then. But we are doing much better. We go to the dr at least 3 times a week to another dr. To say the least im a little tired of drs. We have finally made lots of friends. Kaylie started Pre K and has been having a blast. Shes so smart. She surprises me every day with all the thing she learns and tells me. Kaylies 5th birthday is coming up. We decided to have her party at Chucky cheese. Shes so excited. She wakes up every morning and asks me if its her party today. She already told me she wants to wear her princess dress. Right now trying to get all the invites handed out. So many things going on right now. Getting ready for corrie to leave for Jrtc. Soon after that he will be leaving for Afghanistan. Really dont want him to go but i know i cant change that. Its what he loves and i have to handle it all by myself. Im a army wife thats my job.

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