Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finally some good new.

Well this last couple months have been exhausting. I have been having alot of pain ever since the c section. Finally got a diagnosis. Endometriosis.
We also got some good news about sydneys head. They dont think its anything serious they just think her head is growing really fast and that her daddy has a big head. LOL. So she goes back in 3 months to have it check out again. The day before we went to the cardiologist and sydneys heart is sounding much better. We go back in july and have another echo to make its growing with her and getting better. Finally some good news. We are so glad we are finally getting some where. Its been a long road and im sure theres much more trials we will be put threw but i know we can handle it all. We are getting ready for corrie to leave again. He will be going to Jrtc on the 3rd and then when he gets back from that in march he will be getting ready to deploy again. This deployment is a little different. Hes going to Afghanistan which makes me every nervous and scared. Its seems like our lives never slow down. Its always something going on and something im worried about. I cant wait til we are older and we can just relax and not worry so much.

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