Saturday, February 20, 2010

Exciting week

Well this week is very exciting. I go for my regular appointment on monday. I get to see how the babies and mommy is doing then. Then wed afternoon we go for a major ultrasound with a specialist to make sure all the babies are ok and to possible see the sex of the babies. I know the babies are growing i can feel them moving. We heard all three babies heartbeats last night on the Doppler. Kaylie was telling us shhh the babies are sleeping. I think shes excited about the babies. Shes finally understanding theirs 3 babies in there. Im so very excited this week. Feb is going to be over with and march starting one step closer to holding all my beautiful babies. My mom is coming down the end of march my baby shower is also at the end of march. We had to change it cause corrie has alot of things coming up and i cant be alone at that point. Im excited for him but i also hope he can make it home in time for everything that may be going on. Im not going to worry about it cause either way corrie may not get to be there. I mean i know they have told me there will be about 30 people in the operating room with me when i have the babies. So i know its so serious dont know who will get to be there but either way i just praying its all goes so great. Im also very excited cause we are going to work on the babies room again today. Right now its kinda full of clothes and full crap so ready for it to be all cleaned and ready to start putting all the baby stuff up and together. Really the babies have helped me so much cause for so long been wanting to organize and get everything put in its own place. Ready for this week to get started.

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