Friday, February 19, 2010

Long Week

Well this week hasn't really went as planned. I just haven't been feeling right. Some days i get a energy burst in the morning which is good i could be doing some stuff but instead i have to run after the kids and there mess they make. They have been pretty bad this week. I mean usually they are really good. They eat breakfast go to there rooms watch some TV play and color some. And are great til corrie gets home for lunch. Then we have nap time after lunch and they sleep til a hour before corrie gets home and they watch some TV while i start dinner. Or they just come and get up in the bed with me and play some. This week its been running outside in the diaper ever few mins for Bradley. Kaylie make a mess thinking shes a big girl and do it all. I mean im so glad she thinks shes a big girl but getting herself chocolate milk isnt good when its all over the kitchen and living room. Then theirs me i haven't been feeling right. Feel a little off. Have days were im so tired i cant even make sense. I have days where my tummy feels weird and i don't move from the bed. And then i have just worry days that i worry that im doing something wrong . I mean i have decided not to watch any more shows or look up any more information cause it just has me worried more and more. I mean Its so hard to know what to do, if im doing everything right, what to expect in the next few months, and what to expect when they get here. I mean its all so scarey and reading the stuff and watching the baby shows i get even more scared. Right now im tring to plan the baby shower and help mama as much as i can since i cant be there. I want to go so bad. Its killing me. Wish i could just fly everyone to me but i cant. Im super excited about how much my family and friends seem to be pulling together to help me. I miss them all so much and wish they were here. Ive started to look into getting some free things. I seen that some places try to help u out and well with triplets i will need all the help i can get. Hoping maybe there can be a few more places cause most of the places have stopped doing it. Which not sure why, i mean theirs so many places out there and triplets takes alot of stuff why wouldn't they want to get someone with some free stuff to make them come there way to give them more business.

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