Thursday, February 4, 2010

Registry at the new hospital in temple

Well the registry at the hospital went so great i thought it would be a big pain in the butt. They have made it very easy and so comfortable. I Have my first appointment with the dr on monday. Im so excited. I just actually watched triplets be born on on discovery health and man it got me so teary eyed. I just cant wait for that wonderful day. It all had made me so thankful and happy. I have been kinda being bad been tring to help corrie some. Hes been so stressed out. We have almost knocked out one room but still got a little bit to go. I cant wait til the family gets here to help some. I cant do to much yesterday walking up to the clinic i felt it that night. My body i spreading so fast to make room. Last night i didnt sleep to great. They were awake all night it seemed. Moving around like crazy. Im so glad though cause i didnt feel them to much for a few days. I mean i felt little things but not all of them. Last night and today feeling all of them.

So today im going to try and get the rest of the stuff gone threw in the babies room. And maybe do some laundry today. Im hoping maybe we can do our taxes soon maybe today. Im hoping to talk my parent into coming down soon. Im starting to need the help more and more. I wish i didnt its so hard for me cause i hate having to depend on people. I know i can depend on my parents and family but they all have so much going on themselves i hate to mess with all that.
Well anyway going to relax as much as i can today and see if i can help corrie today

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