Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First dr appointment at Temple.

My first appointment went pretty good. The only compliant i had was we had to wait a hour for my appointment. Then they talked to me about some stuff. They answered all my questions. They did a Doppler and got two heart beats there for baby c was running so they couldn't catch it so they brought out the ultrasound and got all 3 heart beats on it. They said they all look good. So far baby a is 7.5oz and baby b is 7.5oz and then baby c is 8.5oz. Which is really good. They still haven't picked a the day yet. They keep telling me im 15 then 14 weeks. So i guess they think im between 14 to 15 weeks. So i have to get my records. They scheduled me for my ultrasound for 4 weeks. So we find out the sex in 4 weeks i cant wait. They also told me that they dont think i will ever make it to 32 weeks they think i will deliver at 30 weeks. It really scared me cause the earlier i deliver the longer the babies will have to stay in the hospital. And the more possibility for complications. It was very overwhelming. Today they have me doing a 24 hour urine culture. Then wed i turn that in and have a EKG. Very nervous about that. Haven't ever had one before. Im sure everything is fine there but its still kinda scary. So much stuff is going threw my head today. About the babies the things we need to do this week. Everything coming up and im starting to feel a little stressed. I just have to find the faith to get me threw this next few months.

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